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Bark B-Q - Pork Flavor

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A savory blend of vitamins, minerals and delicious / nutritious ingredients to create an old fashioned pulled Pork barbecue flavor. Our newest selection, BARK B-Q® offers a great new addition to our line of condiment sauces that your dog will crave.

As with all Petchup condiments :

  • Made in the USA
  • Made with Natural Food-Grade Ingredients
  • Glucosamine for joint health in every serving
  • Omega 3, 6 & 9
  • Prebiotic for digestion and gut health
  • Never any genetically engineered ingredients
  • Gluten Free and low calorie
  • No artificial colors or flavors

16 oz.


"You have saved my dog's life! He hasn't wanted to eat or play for about six weeks since we lost our older dog. Despite changing food, canned food, and antidepressants, we just couldn't seem to get his spark back. In just three meals, he's been transformed back to the enthusiastic eater and playful pup that he was before. I love that this stuff is nutritious as well, but even if it weren't, I would still be buying it. Thank you for making such a great product!"

For A Healthy Pet

Petchup Nutritional Condiments are created to enhance the well-being of your pet. As a savory sauce, our products (PETCHUP, MUTTSTARD, BARK B-Q and MUTT-N-AISE for dogs with CATCHUP and MEOWSTARD for cats) are crafted to provide a significant daily nutritional benefit. All of our ingredients are natural food-grade and represent the finest quality available. When you use Petchup Nutritional Condiments on your pet’s food, you are providing an extra level of care to ensure their everyday well-being is the best it can be.

A host of superb ingredients, vitamins, minerals and nutrients is added to filtered water for superior moisture for those pets needing hydration. Obligate carnivores (animals that get most of their hydration through what they eat, primarily cats) receive this extra benefit through the condiment composition. Petchup Nutritional Condiments give young pets great energy and older pets new lease on life.

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