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SodaPup - Small Puppy Pink Flyer

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SodaPup Flyer - Puppy Pink Small Flyer

FOR DOGS 0-35 LBS/0-15 KG

Durable natural rubber flying toy in the shape of a soda bottle pop top. Perfect for retrieving games with your dog. Sustainable.Non-toxic. Biodegradable. Designed to fly. Easy for dog to pick up. Won’t hurt dogs teeth and gums if caught in flight.The Puppy Bottle Top Flyer is specifically formulated with a softer rubber compound, Puppyprene 1.0, for the tender mouths of teething puppies. SodaPup's all-natural proprietary rubber compound, Puppyprene 1.0, provides durability without sacrificing chewiness, while being sustainable, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Specs: 7" diameter, 1" tall, 6.5 oz. for Dogs 0-60 LBS/0-25 KG

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