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Nip Stix™ is a fun and rewarding natural dental toy for cats. Made with 100% natural and unprocessed Silvervine sticks and infused with North American organic catnip, your cat will not only have fun, but also naturally clean their teeth.

Silvervine is a highly potent plant similar to catnip from the high elevations of East Asia. It creates fun and rewarding reactions, such as chewing, rubbing, licking, rolling and overall sense of excitement for times ranging 10-30 minutes followed by a natural state of relaxation and comfort.

Infused with Catnip

To further enhance their reaction and improve chewing, we have infused each package with 100% organic catnip from the northwest regions of the USA.

Natural Dental Cleaning

While your cat chews each stick, they also improve their dental health by naturally exfoliating plaque from their teeth. 

Stress Relief

Following a fun and exciting play session, your cat will likely begin to feel calm and relaxed - creating natural feeling of stress relief. 

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