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Daisy Paw

Smellin Sassy Essential Blended Oil

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(Food Good Refreshing Blend)

A feel good, freshening blend. Although it doesn’t take the smell away, this incredible combination of Lavender, Mandarin, and Geranium helps to make you and your pets pleasant to be around. Nice thing about this blend is while it is helping things smell better it also helps you and your pet feel happier. Bottle contains 100 drops.

Collar Companion...

Bling that makes Scents!

Innovative Aromatherapy Collar Companions were created to safely & easily use essential oils with pets & people. They simply wrap & snap around a dog's current collar, harness, or leash.

Collar Companions come unscented, use them as just Bling... or add a drop of our Daisy's Blends essential oils to the center screen for calming, rejuvenating, insect deterring, staying active, freshening and more now that's... BLING THAT MAKES SCENTS!

It is believed that stones give off different healing energy depending on the stone. Combine that healing energy of our stones with the mood lighting scent of our Daisy’s Blends and you will have one zen Collar Companion®. Stones are natural so color and design will vary. Please scroll down to the “Stone Description” section to find the stone that has the right healing energy you are looking for.

Applying the Daisy's Blends Essential Oil to the Collar Companion:

Remove the safety seal from the dropper cap. Using the dropper from the essential oil bottle, place 1 drop in the center top hole of the Collar Companion where the screen is located. Typically you re-energize the Collar Companion once or twice a week, but a drop can be added daily if necessary for calming, freshening, rejuvenating, or staying active.

**In order to keep the "true scent" of the essential oil blends, please use the same Daisy's Blends essential oil in each Collar Companion.

100 drops per container.

Includes cap and dropper.

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