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Some Dogs Need a Little Weight Support...

Posted on September 29 2019

YES! My Clients Want Canine Weight Support
Some Dogs Need A Little Weight Support...
  • Veterinarian formulated & recommended
  • All natural, Omega 3 fatty acid pet supplement
  • Suggested for all life stages of dogs & cats & to help animals requiring lymphatic and digestive support

Lymphatic, Weight & Immune Support is:
  • Used holistically as a whole food nutritive comprised of fish oil, fatty & amino acids, trace minerals & vitamins to support immunity
  • To tone & support lymphatic & glandular function
  • For hypothyroidism; to support the thyroid, adrenal & pituitary glands
  • To set proper metabolic rate and for weight loss & obesity due to its thermogenic (fat burning) properties.
  • Other therapeutic indications include systemic cleansing; for energy production; as an adjunctive for Cushing's disease; to support electrolyte, intestinal, digestive & immune balance; to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol & hypertension; for healthy skin, bones, coat, connective tissue & joints; for Osteoarthritis & Degenerative Joint Disease: for allergic dermatitis, alopecia & hot spots.
YES! My Clients Want Canine Weight Support
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