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September Is Happy Cat Month

Posted on September 02 2017


September is Happy Cat Month but as cat parents know, every month -- every day with your cats should be happy! During September, what can cat parents do to show your cats some love and keep them happy and healthy in September and year-round?

Here are some ways to show affection to your feline:

  • Cat snacks. It goes without saying that cats love treats. When you're giving your cat treats, make sure you're choosing treats that are made in the USA, are single ingredient treats, antibiotic free and without hormones or additives like KCC Naturals. You can crumble these treats on their food or you can use treats to teach your cat to do tricks.
  • Eat a meal with your cat. No, you don't have to put her food dish on your kitchen table, but if she eats in a separate room, bring her dish into the room where you're eating dinner and give her some company.
  • Play games. A healthy, happy cat will love to chase a catnip mouse or a feather on a string. Play time is as important for your cat as for your dog.
  • Cuddle your cat. No matter how bad your day might be, a cat cuddle is the best medicine to improve your mood and lower your blood pressure (it's been shown that petting an animal will do just that)
  • Talk to them. Many cats are very vocal and will love it if you talk to them and carry on a conversation. Look them in the eye when you talk and truly connect.

Do you give your cat treats? What will you do to celebrate Happy Cat Month?

When you're looking for great cat treats, check out KCC Naturals Freeze Dried Chicken Hearts Cat Treats.

  • 100% Natural
  • Single Ingredient
  • No antibiotics/hormones/additives
  • Gluten and grain free
  • USA grown/sourced/manufactured
  • Rigid packaging; keeps product intact, no more crumbly bags


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