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Seal em and Heal em: The Answer to Pet First Aid Awareness Month

Posted on April 09 2018

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

Our pets are family members and their First Aid is important. Rover can't break into the medicine cabinet so we need to be stocked up on first aid products to ensure their health and safety. In walks Seal em and Heal em. Here is why it's a MUST HAVE for your First Aid Kit:

  • It helps seal and heal all types of wounds
  • It can be applied topically or ingested (Surprisingly, CATS LOVE THE TASTE!)
  • Helps to heal surgical incisions up to 30 times faster
  • Helps address all types of topical and internal skin and coat irritations and symptoms related to allergies
  • Helps address abscess and cellulitis on any part of the animal body (both internal and external)
  • Stimulate collagen production 

Available in 1 oz or 90 capsules


Liquid extract via High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography Croton planostigma (Sangre de Grado - "blood of the dragon"). Gluten free and non-GMO. 



Sangre de Grado "blood of the dragon"



Looking to run a promo in your store based on a national pet holiday?
Here is a Cheat Sheet for April Pet Holidays:



National Heartworm Awareness Month
National Greyhound Adoption Month
National Pet First Aid Awareness Month
Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
National Pet Month


Apr 1- 7: International Pooper Scooper Week
2nd Full Week: National Animal Control Appreciation Week
3rd Full Week: National Pet ID Week, Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week


First Saturday of April: Every Day is Tag Day
First Wednesday of April: National Walking Day
April 1: April Fools!
April 2: National Ferret Day
April 6: National Siamese Cat Day
April 7: World Health Day
April 11: National Pet Day, Dog Therapy Appreciation Day
April 20: National LookALike Day
April 21: Bulldogs are Beautiful Day
April 22: Earth Day
April 23: National Lost Dog Awareness Day
April 25: National Administrative Professionals Day
Apr 30: National Tabby Day, National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day
Last Wednesday of April: International Guide Dog Day
Last Saturday of April: World Veterinary Day
Last Sunday of April: National Pet Parents Day


We are so grateful for you! Thank you for reading this blog post today! Have a beautiful day!

Jaime & Mr. ChaCha





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