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Come Try the Difference - Happy Dancing Included

Posted on June 02 2018

  • Tired of Distributors with LESS THAN APPEALING CUSTOMER SERVICE?
  • Wish there were more UNIQUE & DIFFERENT PET PRODUCTS to choose from?
  • Feeling like JUST A NUMBER with your current distributors?

    Try Ello Pet Supply!

    • Family-Owned
    • Work with SMALL BATCH vendors
    • Large selection of MADE in USA pet products
    • TRULY CARE about you and your store!

    Our PROMISE:

    • Paw-tastic Customer Service (Quick, Caring & Easy). If you need help with a damaged shipment, then we won't "disappear".
    • No dangerous chemicals or preservatives in our products (See our GO CLEAN LABEL PROGRAM). We only sell products that our family and employees use with our pets.
    • Offering NEW, UNIQUE and DIFFERENT items EVERY MONTH! We are constantly foraging for new and great items for you!




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